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Exercise Addiction: Are You At Risk?

Most of us are told we should be getting more exercise, and the prevailing belief seems to be that you can never have too much. But fitness training, like anything else, can be overdone. In this post we’ll look at what is exercise addiction, and ask if you might be at risk.

Exercise Addiction – What Is It?

Exercise addiction is generally defined as “an unhealthy obsession with physical fitness and exercise”. There are probably two main causes:

1. Most commonly, it starts along with an eating disorder. Sufferers have an unhealthy body image and over-exercise in order to lose weight, either to reduce their weight below healthy levels (anorexia) or to keep their weight in the normal range after overeating (‘exercise bulimia’). Here’s a CBS video about that:

2. In some cases, it might be an addictive response to the endorphins that are released during a workout.

Exercise addicts will train with the same feelings of compulsion as any other addict. Unlike most other forms of addiction, however, it’s often not noticed by other people. Friends may notice that a person spends a lot of time in the gym or at the track, but it doesn’t seem like a dangerous habit unless you realize they are causing themselves injuries or their weight is dropping below safe limits.

Who is at Risk of Becoming an Exercise Addict?

You can boost your metabolism with exercise, but it’s important not to do too much. If you’re concerned, you could try the type of short, intense exercises that you can find in a metabolism boosting plan like this one.

There’s a lot of controversy surrounding the question of whether there is such a thing as an “addictive personality”, but certainly, people with one form of addiction often pick up another. According to a research study carried out by the University of California, 15% of exercise addicts were also hooked on cigarettes, alcohol or illegal drugs. They estimated that 25% might be addicted to behaviors like sex or shopping.

model-thin-anorexiaSome former addicts, who had given up another substance like alcohol or cigarettes, turned to a fitness program to fill their time and ended up getting addicted to that instead!

In addition, as we’ve already said, people with eating disorders are at risk of over-exercising in order to purge their bodies of whatever calories they have eaten.

It often begins in the teenage years, so you might want to keep an eye if kids fitness interests seem extreme, in case something like this might be developing.

Exercise Addiction: The Signs

There are some telltale signs of obsessive exercising that show when somebody might be hooked:

• feeling “high” after exercising, and craving it more and more
• feeling anxious after going longer than usual without a workout
• compulsive desire to exercise (feeling compelled to an unreasonable extent)
• skipping work, study or social activities to make time for exercise
• having rituals or obsessive patterns to the workout
• not being able to cut down on exercise

In brief, when working out or thoughts about it start to take over your life, affecting your relationships, friendships and work, you likely have a problem.

How To Get Over It

Recovering from a compulsive desire to exercise has a lot in common with any other type of addiction. First, the person needs to recognize that there is a problem.

Then, they have to come to see what is a normal level of exercise, and agree to try to keep to it, without doing more. This may be difficult; it can help to switch the type of exercise that you do. For example, if you were running for 4 hours a day or more, switching to the gym might enable you to cut down to under 1 hour. Taking at least one day out a week is also a good idea.

If there is also an eating disorder present, that needs to be treated too. This is beyond the scope of this article, but it’s important that a person with anorexia, bulimia or binge eating disorder understands what is a normal diet and agrees to eat 3 or 4 meals a day, without undereating. Otherwise, cutting down on exercise will only worsen other aspects of the eating disorder.

5 Tips for Kids Fitness


Based on the guidelines of the government, children who are over the age of 6 should have at least 1 hour of physical activity each day. Active kids are usually both happy and healthy which is why kids fitness should be promoted. However, a lot of kids nowadays do not get enough exercise everyday due to the advancement of technology but you, as parents, can do something about it.

Effective Tips to Promote Kids Fitness

1. Be an example – If your kids will see you doing nothing but just sitting or lying on your couch while watching TV or playing video games, they will most likely follow that can of attitude. You can’t just command or tell them to go outside and be active when you are not even doing it. Take your child for a walk or play with them outside. Set an example and you’ll be amazed how they will follow your actions.

2. Buy Ride on Toys – Your child might not like walking for a long period of time and if you’re not careful, this could result in them not being active at all. As an alternative, you can buy them ride on toys such as a simple balance bike for young kids or roller blades for older children. These toys will encourage your child to go play outside and be active.

3. Flying Kites – Flying a kite doesn’t need too much physical effort but they will be great in encouraging your child to go outside, be active and enjoy the fresh air.

4. Don’t buy too many electronics – If you want your child to be active and encourage him or her to play outside instead of hiding inside the room, then you should avoid buying them too many electronics such as putting a television and a video game console inside their room. If they really want play with a video game, there is the Kinect or the Wii which can encourage movement due to the games available to these gaming consoles. See a Wii U review here.

5. Mix it up – To avoid your child from getting easily bored, don’t do the same activity every day. Instead, do a variety of activities each day. For example you can play games. Here’s a review of LeapFrog LeapTV for kids. Something like this will not only encourage your child to become active but they will have fun at the same time.

Low Carb Diet for Vegetarians

Appetizer Cucumber

Do you want to know if it is possible to have a low carb diet for vegetarians? Then just continue reading because this article will teach you things that can help you on a low carb vegetarian diet such as . When it comes to low carb diet, most people will directly think about eating meat without even thinking that they can have a low carb diet by eating the right kind of vegetables.

Let’s start by knowing some essential information about vegetarians and proceeding with what kind of foods should a vegetarian should eat to maintain and fit and healthy looking physique.

Some Things That You Should Know About Being Vegetarian

Most people think that vegetarians have the healthiest body especially when compared to meat eaters. This is not entirely true. It is correct to say most vegetarians are healthy but not all of them. There are still vegetarians who are overweight.

Sometimes all you need is to tone up. For women, there’s a great weight loss and fitness program available now from Dr Jade Teta called Metabolic Renewal.
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Take care if you are planning to have your kids be vegetarian. They may miss out on growing to be fit kids. Especially, figure out alternate forms of calcium if you are taking milk out of the picture.

How to Have a Low Carb Diet for Vegetarians

Lacto-ovo vegetarians eat dairy foods, which in combination with a high carbohydrate diet, can cause a person to become overweight. Even vegans can have weight issues. Not all kinds of vegetables have low carb content which is why there are still vegans who are overweight.

If you are a vegetarian and you want to have a healthy and fit body, you should first understand and know the right kinds of vegetables to eat such as green vegetables and the kinds of vegetables to avoid such as starchy vegetables.

For Lacto-ovo vegetarians, this may not be a big problem for them since their diet includes not only vegetables and they eat eggs, cheese, beans and nuts which are all known to have relatively low carb content. Pure vegetarians are the ones who will have problems with this kind of diet plan since they don’t eat protein rich foods that don’t contain carbs. Those people may be overeating nuts and beans. Switching to lower carbohydrate forms of protein like tofu and TVP may help.

Aside from choosing the right kinds of foods to eat and creating your own diet plan, there are certain low carb diet programs that can be followed by vegetarians such as this one. This kind of diet program allows taking seeds and nuts in limited quantities plus unlimited amounts of beans and bean products right from the first phase. This is a more preferred diet program than from the Atkins diet because beans, nuts and seeds are restricted in the first 2 weeks.

This low carb approach should be treated as a long term process of eating and this shouldn’t be seen as a quicker way to be fit and healthy. With this being said, you should first make sure that you are motivated and happy with what you are planning to do before starting it.

For those different types of vegetarians who are already at a healthy weight, cutting out the intake of refined grains and sugar might help in keeping their body as healthy as possible. Just to be sure and safe, consult your health advisor first before starting any kind of plan to become healthy and fit.

Where To Find The Best Free Diet Plans

The best free diet plans are actually not that difficult to find. Actually, the main problem of most people nowadays is not searching a free diet program but selecting between all of the existing diet programs that are available in the market today. To help you with this, here are 3 of the best places where you can find the best free diet programs that will work for you.

3 Places To Get Best Free Diet Plans

1. Bookstore/Library

bookstoreThey might not be free, but a book is about the cheapest way to join a well established diet. Most of the bookstores nowadays have a whole section of weight loss diet and health related books and this could make it difficult for you to know where to start. On the other hand, library books are free, but the selection is often limited due to so many books being on loan.

Before choosing a certain book, try reading some reviews. You should know if the diet program in that particular book will fit you based on different aspects such as your body, age, taste and lifestyle. This is very important if you want to gain the best results from following a diet program.

Then, you can buy the book from your local bookstore or ask for it to be held for you at the library. If it is out on loan, they will tell you when it comes back in. And if they do not have it at all, they usually request it from another library in your state, or even buy it.

One major disadvantage of following a weight loss plan or a diet program from a book is that you will be filled with questions that nobody can answer because everything is based on the reaction of your body. You can’t expect that any kind of book will help you create the kind of body that you are wanting to have.

2. A Doctor’s or a Health Advisor’s Clinic

woman-doctorSeeing a doctor is always wise prior to starting to follow a certain diet program especially if you are over or underweight.

This is because if you are unfit, then it is a risk for you to follow any diet program since this might cause undesirable results.

By consulting a doctor, you will be able to know what kind of diet program is suitable for you based on your body type and body condition. Other than that, doctors and health advisors know where to find the best free diet plans for you.

It can also motivate you to have a doctor who will tell you that you should follow a diet program that is suitable for you to avoid life-threatening illnesses.

3. Online

Another great source of diet programs is the online industry. You can find many free diet programs online and what’s even great is that, these programs are created by those people who have experienced weight problem.

Low carb diets and paleo diets are very popular right now. These aim to follow the nutrition that our stone age ancestors would have eaten. That’s the type of food that our bodies can handle the best, according to those who follow it.

Searching for diet programs online is very convenient and time-saving since you just have to make few clicks and you will be able to read it with the use of your computer. The weight loss programs which are available online usually have reviews that can help you decide which one is suitable for you.

To get updated with weight loss programs, you can sign up to the main website of the weight loss program that you have chosen to receive newsletters through email. Finally, you can join forums to share experiences with other people and gain more knowledge about weight loss.