Exercise Addiction: Are You At Risk?

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2 thoughts on “Exercise Addiction: Are You At Risk?

  • I think my friend is overexercising. She runs all the time. Her head looks to big for her body like an anorexic and her arms and legs are like sticks with muscle wound around. What should I do?

    • Sandra, the best way is to get her to see for herself that she has a problem. You could ask if she thinks she might be exercising too much. 90% certain she will say ‘no’, but you have raised the question in her mind and she may think about it later.

      If you think she might be anorexic, however, and could be at risk of serious health problems or even death, you might want to intervene more directly, e.g by discussing it with a doctor or therapist, or even talking to her family (but be warned if you talk to her family, she may be very upset and you could lose her friendship). I would discuss with a medical professional first and ask for advice.

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